Friday, April 4, 2008

Salve, Vale

Hi, Dot!

Now you are your new self! I’m sure you must like it. Are you called Dot, or Dorth, or Dorothy, or some other name that God called you before you were born?

Please say hello to our friends — Bob, Eleanor, Louis, Aunt Helen, and my family — Janice, Harry (and Uncle Harry and Auntie Nee Chang, and Uncle Tin, and all other uncles and aunties, and Ah Kungs and Ah Pos). Is Hindemith there? Is Beethoven still decomposing?

Love to Sister Bridget and CSJs who went ahead of you. See you in eternity. I may have to introduce myself, since I am sure you won't recognize me. Perhaps you’ll help me be more on earth as you are in heaven.


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